Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perris Valley Big Way Camps with P3

The Harry is back.

Just landed in Perris Valley California after a five day drive from Florida making California my home for the summer. More to tell in an upcoming post.

This weekend I have the honor of working with some of the best Skydiving Cinematographers organized by Craig O'Brien and RW organizers at Perris Valley Skydiving. This Thursday morning kicks off a four day jumping intensive weekend with "Perris Performance Plus" P3 Big Way Camp aimed at all experience levels.

The 8am call started the day with a complete meet and greet before breaking into smaller 20-way groups. There is nothing but smiles and good weather to kick off the event. Everyone knows if they do well this weekend they can move on to 100-ways this coming weekend May 7-10th. And of course many are striving to the get a slot on the coveted "World Team."

Check back often for pics and updates as the weekend progresses. To see the full gallery of pictures check out my GALLERY, which is updated daily. You can also tag yourself on my facebook profile.

The P3 team of Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Tony Domenico, Larry Henderson, Doug Forth and Tom Jenkins will lead jumpers through a four-day camp structured to enhance and improve big way skills. Jumpers will learn and apply techniques of diving, floating and base work in this 4-day 18-jump camp.

Many jumpers are repeat attendees and almost a 1/4 of the jumpers have under 500 jumps. This camp is designed to give everyone the needed info and skills training for 100-way and bigger formations. The proven model the P3 organizers use allows smaller formations, 20 - 40 ways, to duplicate all the jobs, visuals, and responsibilities of a 100+ way form.

The leaders include Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Manager of Skydive Perris, founder of Airspeed, multiple gold medal winner in four and eight way at the World level and organizer of the GO FAST 300-way World Record. Joining Dan are Kate Cooper-Jensen and Tony Domenico, both of whom have been involved with most World Record large formation skydives. This includes organizing the last three Jump for the Cause Women's World Records, including the upcoming JFTC 2009, and the current 400-way World Record WT '06. Larry Henderson, a WT '02, 04 and '06 captain, TSR captain, and a familiar face from ESA boogies and many other events worldwide, joins the team once again. Also returning are World Team member, veteran competitor, and formation skydiving coach Doug Forth, and Tom Jenkins, World Team member, TSR and large formation organizer.

For more info on how to get the best big way coaching, check out Perris Valley Skydiving web page for upcoming events.