Sunday, May 10, 2009

Perris 100 Way Camp COMPLETION

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The end is here. The camp is over. LAST jump and my group did it! They completed. The other group had to do a go around, lost floaters and had to land.

What a great weekend. Never before have I seen a camp this big where people generated so much big way experience. The learning curve was HIGH to say the least. Many of these peoples limits were pushed beyond their own expectations.

Any of you looking to take your RW to the next level should check out Perris Valley Skydiving

It's the end of the day, pictures n people are going crazy and I gotta pack up and get to the next adventure.

I will be on the road and not sure when I will post next. Stay tuned. It's going to be an interesting summer.

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Aerial Pink Play House Breast Cancer Fundrasier, Perris Valley Skydiving

Gonna make this quick. It's early, I was up late, I'm late and on a 10 min. call. The party was great.
The organizers really did a bang up job on this party. The planning was top notch and it showed. From carny games to sumo wrestling to a spread of food it was all there. A great fundraiser for a great cause created by a an awesome group of people.

Here are the pics. I'm on a 5 minute call. Enjoy!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday at Perris Valley Big Way Camps with P3

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Gonna make this quick. Great party going on.

Another awesome day of jumping. Flew in the left trail and left, left trail all day. Great group of people in both planes.

No completions yet but it's so close many of us thought it was a done deal until we looked at the pics.

Five jumps, full altitude, took all day. That's it. Gonna party with the gang. Think I'm a carny for a booth tonight.

Enjoy the pics

Friday 100-Way Camp

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Made five loads today. Didn't get a completion but everyone had a lot of fun. There are a lot of new people here really pushing their comfort zones and limits. I don't think I have ever seen an event where you really get the chance to learn. Everyone did the same dive all day and for some of the dives it really paid off and a completion here or there was missed only by a few.

And, no one gets upset. Learning is a process. Tomorrow I am sure the group will be mixed up and even more progress will be made.

Today, we all stayed with the same group and the same airplane. I was blessed with the right trail trail, the newly painted Shark, out of five airplanes I am in the last one on the right. And, I was with the funnest airplane for sure. Many of the jumpers were members of TEAM Awesome! and they don't get that name as a group for nothing. Smiles on every load, chants and good vibes.

From our airplane we could see the entire plane formation all the way to altitude. Just a blast. Our communication with each other made for some smooth climb outs and exits.

Our camera team even grouped up after opening for some formation flying and landings on every load. Challenging all the way till our feet hit the ground.

Tomorrow is going to go big. The organizers have something up their sleeves and the girls are throwing down BIG for a fund raising party for Jump For the Cause, breast cancer.

The "Aerial Pink Playhouse" will boast a boxing ring, sumo wrestling, a bouncy house as well as a climbing wall and carnival games! There will also be a DJ, magician, face painting and belly dancing, I an told. Supposedly the boxing ring will feature boxing rounds with the organizers - Dan BC, BJ Worth, Larry Henderson, Doug Forth..........

A "Pleasure Station" will feature "MonaTinis" a martini made with Mona Vie, jello shots and free beer. They even plan to hold a "boobalicious" bake sale.

So stay tuned for more action from the P3 100 Camps here at Perris Valley Skydiving.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perris Valley 100 Way Camp Blasts off

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This Thursday afternoon the P3 group from Perris Valley Skydiving brings together all the instruction from last weekends big ways to this weekends 100-way camp.

The P3 organizing team consists of Dan BC, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Tony Domenico and Larry Henderson. The Participants consist of new up-and-coming big way enthusiasts, as well as many veteran large formation skydivers.

Today we made four loads for two groups of 110 people. That's five planes back to back alllllllll day long. The first two loads went to 13,500 for basic base building and whacker site orientation. The last two loads went to full camp altitude of 16,500 ft requiring O2. Both loads got closer and closer to completion as organizers cleaned up slots and traffic.

Overall a great day of jumping. We have a nine person camera team, four on each load and one on the ground downloading. The plan is to keep our group and switch planes so even we as the camera crew get to hone our skills on every jump. And let me tell you, this is way fun. Floating on big formations is a wild ride and using O2 requires ones attention. Once all the floaters are outside the airplane the pilots must keep their positions relative to the lead plane and that can be a bumpy fun ride. Time is crucial to position oneself perfectly with the base making sure for excellent and professional debrief video. The pressure is nothing but pure overdoses of satisfaction.

The organizers definitely have their hands full and at the same time progress is the proof after every jump.

Overall a very successful day of jumping for all involved here at Perris Valley. Enjoy the pics and please leave a comment if you like what you see.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday at Perris Valley Big Way Camps by P3

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The Shark is back up and running with a brand new paint job. Yaowza. Does it shine! Even got a pic of me under canopy. Great day.

Today concludes four full days of skydiving hard here in Perris Valley. Participants put all they learned to the test doing 55 ways from three planes at 18000 msl. Three planes taking off at once back to back all day. Even at that altitude the day couldn't have been more comfortable.

As you reach 20,000 feet the color changes, swear! It gets so clear and crisp. Just wonderful.

A total of 168 jumpers from 26 countries, with USA being the minority, made over 3100 jumps on 160 loads during the four day camp.

The bigger it gets the funner it gets. I love working as part of a team. Many loads had up to three cameramen and there is a plan to follow with each responsible for a certain shot the organizers are looking for. We all took the opportunity to trade plane slots from lead and both trail each providing a different challenge.

As the weekend ends it's obvious the P3 organizers have taken big way formation RW skydiving to the next level . If you are an RW jumper or just want the opportunity to do more, then I highly recommend you check out their events page and get yourself out here.

Thanks to all for the smiles, high fives and great skydives. See you next week for 100-ways.

From what I hear they have two 110 ways for the four day camp. That's 5 planes at once running back to back loads for the entire time. Yahoo! Check back for more posts and pics.

Off to the Bombshelter for a cold one Enjoy.

Harry Parker

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday at Perris Valley Big Way Camps with P3

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Another great day. The weather here was made for skydiving. Perris Valley Skydiving ROCKS!

Today the P3 organizers took participants to the next level. A full day of 30-ways out of three airplanes making sure all jumpers tested and honed their big way skills. The three plane, two pass loads provided a timely and comfortable pace for everyone.

And again, by days end the formations began to complete and ended with a DZ full of happy jumpers.

I am loving the formations loads. It's not often one gets to do these and especially this many in one weekend. Multiple cameramen on one loads really gets the team work going and raises the challenge for all.

Tomorrow we are going even bigger and will be using O2 at over 17,000 ft. Can't wait. Yahoo! Stay tuned, more to come.

Tonight is the big banquet, so I will make this one short. Enjoy the pics.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Way RW Camps

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Day two of the camp starts on time at 8am sharp. Organizers took what they learned from participants the day before and reorganized groups. Formation loads started taking some of the groups straight to the next level.

Aerodyne made it. Yep, Cookie and Les are here. Gotta love those guys. Always a ton of demos. I traded in my quicky canopy for a bigger PILOT. Brand new, been jumping it all day, soft openings, soft landings, even in the dirt clods of the dersert. Definitely an asset at any event. Check out their events page and find out where they will be or contact them to see if they can come to your event.

From the start it was obvious participants were having a great time, learning a lot and pushing their boundaries. I was lucky enough to be filming Larry Henderson's group. Every jump new slots were assigned testing and teaching new skills. Our plane load kept getting better and better and our full 20 way began completing it's dives by the middle of the day. We made six jumps, as did the other groups. I am talking about non stop turn arounds for ALL the planes.

There are a lot of people here and I've noticed a lot of smiles and high fives. This is the place to be if you are interested in taking your RW skills to the next level of big ways and the P3 group are the organizers to make it happen. Jumpers with under 500 jumps are getting the chance to get serious coaching from some of the best in the world. I've met old friends and am making new ones and many are coming in from other disciplines, including free fly, wingsuit and even a BASE jumper or two.

Blue skies and light winds created some landing direction problems in the morning and by mid afternoon the winds picked up with some overcast. Only two jumps through about 1000 feet of ice. Being from Florida, I notice those things.

Great day. Tommorow the loads should get bigger and even more challenging. Stay tuned.