Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday at Perris Valley Big Way Camps with P3

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Another great day. The weather here was made for skydiving. Perris Valley Skydiving ROCKS!

Today the P3 organizers took participants to the next level. A full day of 30-ways out of three airplanes making sure all jumpers tested and honed their big way skills. The three plane, two pass loads provided a timely and comfortable pace for everyone.

And again, by days end the formations began to complete and ended with a DZ full of happy jumpers.

I am loving the formations loads. It's not often one gets to do these and especially this many in one weekend. Multiple cameramen on one loads really gets the team work going and raises the challenge for all.

Tomorrow we are going even bigger and will be using O2 at over 17,000 ft. Can't wait. Yahoo! Stay tuned, more to come.

Tonight is the big banquet, so I will make this one short. Enjoy the pics.

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