Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Way RW Camps

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Day two of the camp starts on time at 8am sharp. Organizers took what they learned from participants the day before and reorganized groups. Formation loads started taking some of the groups straight to the next level.

Aerodyne made it. Yep, Cookie and Les are here. Gotta love those guys. Always a ton of demos. I traded in my quicky canopy for a bigger PILOT. Brand new, been jumping it all day, soft openings, soft landings, even in the dirt clods of the dersert. Definitely an asset at any event. Check out their events page and find out where they will be or contact them to see if they can come to your event.

From the start it was obvious participants were having a great time, learning a lot and pushing their boundaries. I was lucky enough to be filming Larry Henderson's group. Every jump new slots were assigned testing and teaching new skills. Our plane load kept getting better and better and our full 20 way began completing it's dives by the middle of the day. We made six jumps, as did the other groups. I am talking about non stop turn arounds for ALL the planes.

There are a lot of people here and I've noticed a lot of smiles and high fives. This is the place to be if you are interested in taking your RW skills to the next level of big ways and the P3 group are the organizers to make it happen. Jumpers with under 500 jumps are getting the chance to get serious coaching from some of the best in the world. I've met old friends and am making new ones and many are coming in from other disciplines, including free fly, wingsuit and even a BASE jumper or two.

Blue skies and light winds created some landing direction problems in the morning and by mid afternoon the winds picked up with some overcast. Only two jumps through about 1000 feet of ice. Being from Florida, I notice those things.

Great day. Tommorow the loads should get bigger and even more challenging. Stay tuned.

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