Skydive The Beautiful Bahamas!

March 3rd-8th  Rum Cay, Bahamas

If you are sick of the biggest snow storm in History
Just want to change the latitude of your life

Then..........Go where others only dream of, the incredibly warm, crystal clear waters of the Bahamas and make some skydives.  

This is an exclusive invitation from me, Harry Parker to my closest friends and community members.  Friday the 4th I will be leaving to Rum Cay on my own recon trip to photograph, video and provide you with my own interpretation of this Atlantic Pirate Haven.

I want to make sure this is everything I’ve heard and seen it to be, so I am going over there personally and you will have my word on the validity of this exclusive offer. Watch My Facebook Profile, this blog and the EVENT PAGE for updates this week from the 4-8th.

Slots are incredibly limited for this once in a lifetime experience.  Max of 18 participants.   Find your friends, make the commitment and ................

Only $52
holds your reservation  

Offering the resort to Skydivers is a new adventure for the island and business owners and this is the perfect opportunity to get the “deal” before word gets out.  Being the first year operators are willing to “throw in the works” for jumpers.


Your trip includes:
Lodging, All Food, Non-Alcoholic drinks, Island Transportation, ALL Island Amenities and Two Jumps per day from a 206.  The 206 will fly all day if the interest is there.  Get out of your hammock and make a jump anytime.  The 206 is completely refurbished.  I know the owner.  It’s virtually brand new from tip to tail.

Amenities include:
Boat Trips, Snorkel Gear, Surfing and Boards, Paddle Boards and more.
They have a brand new dive operation as well.  I will have a more “complete” list of all amenities upon my return.  And, I have been assured this is inclusive with no extra hidden fees or charges.

Rum Cay is the destination and there you will relax and play for 6 days and 5 nights on the semi-private island in the Bahamas.  Please read warm, comfortable, isolated, empty and private!

THE Harry Parker will be there to photograph, video and document this exclusive once in a lifetime experience!

all for only 
$1500 plus airfare
March 3-8th

A trip has already run it’s course and I have talked to all who went and all loved the experience.  From the jumps over the exclusive island to shark wrestling and swooping on the beaches this is the trip to disappear, unplug, relax and tan.

Have you ever wanted to bring your significant other to a boogie only to end up not and knowing why?  Well, this is the perfect couples trip.  There is something for everybody and this trip is not all about organized skydiving.  It’s about getting lost on a island with your best friends and making a couple of jumps a day, sipping rum, listening to the Sun Hiss it’s way into the water and looking for the elusive “green flash.”  The perfect Valentine Gift.

Hold your spot for 
only $52 per person!  
Do it now!  

Once my max is reached this offer will be closed!  Due to high volume of requests on my initial testing of this trip I expect to sell out quickly. 

Since being in Florida I have had numerous visits to the Bahamas and the warm crystal clear water, marine life, deserted beaches and constant temperature has the ability to change ones perception for sure.

Do not miss this opportunity!  Let's make spring happen right now!

Hold your slot now!

After you reserve your slot, make sure you "Attend" The Facebook Event Page
so you don't miss any updates!
If you have any questions,

Check out these videos and Photo Links!

                    Island Info:

This is from the last trip just a few weeks ago.

This is a quick video from a Promenant and well known South Florida Photographer
Jason Arnold.  Visit Jason Arnold's Blog for some amazing pictures from his recent trip just a few weeks ago.

This is a slide show from one of my adventures to the Bahamas, Eluethera Island. True, pirate paradise. Big long island. Hitchhiked everywhere.