Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cali State Records Day 5

Been a long week watching the clouds ready for the 10 minute call. As skydivers do they keep themselves busy with all kinds of stuff including poker and stupid human tricks. One jumper even broke his ankle on a fun jump.

Still we all kept to the plan and on the last day we made three rides to altitude, 19,000+ MSL. At least the cold front had moved through and it was very cold at atlitude. Two of those rides to altitude ended with all the planes landing due to could cover. On the last attempt we got the blue sky we were looking for and made the jump.

All was well, the base was perfect, on heading and the jump began to build. All it took was someone to go a little low, slide under the base and then it went from a building skydive to tons of humans in the sky.

Everyone was relieved to get a jump in after being grounded all week. The group could have pulled this off if they had the chance. Organizers spent a lot of time designing the dives and on that very first jump video showed the planning paid off and all was set to go well.

Great to ride in the plane with you all. Best wishes for a great year!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cali State Records Day 2

Again waking to mayonnaise layered skies, the mood is still upbeat and the mission is focused. Regardless of the weather everyone makes ready for the inevitable get-it-on short call.

Circle up at 8am ready to skydive begins the day.

I can’t help but feel a sense of purpose that brings back so many memories. Over the years in Sebastian, or Margaritaville, everything is so laid back. Here in Perris, one of the nerve centers of skydiving’s evolvement, the mission and objectives are clear and the purpose is very focused.

In short, this is SERIOUS fun. It’s why the learning curve is so high, it’s why they can organize two separate 100 ways during a single weekend for a “get ready” camp. It’s why the dives work.

The energy is different and I find myself anxious and I realize it’s because the environment has become almost foreign and how much I miss it. Everyone operates from the perspective of “team." It’s a great energy to be around. And it's obviously one of the reasons everyone here is at top of their game. All the photographers are constantly pushing and helping each other. The growth and professionalism is apparent.

As a cameraman I love the pressure of having to push myself, knowing they are expecting perfect video for the debrief and accepting nothing but the best.

We've managed to squeak out three loads. All but the one from 8K was two passes each with two planes, ½ a plane load in each plan e.

The weather outlook is less then ideal. This record is coming down to the wire and the pressure is mounting. At this rate, there won’t be much warm up and everyone will have to perform and complete the record in a few dives. This is sure to be exciting.

Below is a picture of what the completed formation looks like. We will be going for the record in the morning with an 8:30am take off.

Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cali State Records Day 1

Day 1 at the California State Record 162-way Attempts.
Rain and overcast conditions. Now awaiting arrival and hopefully quick departure of a thick fast moving front. Dirt dives are now in progress for the sectors with a full dress full formation dirt dive coming up.

No jumps today but a LOT of dirt diving and pre-flights. No one will have an excuse for not knowing where they are, that's for sure. Call for the day 3:30pm.

I am on team of seven photographers for one skydive. We will each have our own group to film with one lucky guy getting the ability to fly where, when and how he wants as long as he calls his flight plan to the rest of the team before the jump.

The photographers here are top notch and I am quite excited and nervous to be here. I will have my own sector and plane to film. This is where it is at for RW right now. We are talking the biggest and best known organizers in skydiving now under the Performance Plus3 banner here at Perris Valley Skydiving.

Check out some of the pics from these guys to get an understanding of the level of expertise and experience of the team.

Craig OB
Will Boeykens
George Katsoulis
Niklas Daniel
Karen Lewis
Terry Weatherford

Monday, January 19, 2009

Perris Valley California State Records

Time for another road trip. Leaving in the morning to work and shoot with the infamous Craig OB at Perris Valley Skydiving.
And then it is off to a photography class in Santa Barbara with David Jay.
I will be gone till the 1st of Feb.
With this new blog I will be able to keep up while on the road. Check back for pictures and events as they happen. The trip is sure to turn up some good stories and pics. Cali always has a way of bringing out the adventure.
You can also now leave comments and feedback with ease.
And as always, keep in touch!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flock South WingSuit Boogie

Jeff Nebelkopf organized about 14 jumpers this weekend here at Skydive Sebastian. Friday we got winded out as a front moved through and Saturday brought some of the Artic Blast the rest of the country was feeling. Most of us had to button our Hawaiin shirts all the way up. I came down with the heeby geebies and made one jump on Saturday, but still managed to get the TIKI Bar open for the gang to watch a video of the days jumps edited together by "Range."
Sorry, no pics from me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

PDFT X-Project

They finally did it. Performance Designs Factory Team, the most infamous and south after team for skill coaching in the world, has finally expanded. And, I was lucky enough to be chosen to document and blog about the final camp help for the selections.
Situated in the boonies of Central Florida, 15 lucky candidates spent a week with the team showing the team what they were made of and the team grilling the candidates in a physical and mental tear down.
What a week of 12-16 hour days. But it was worth it.

Hey guys, I know some of you were looking at where to get pics. Been swamped. Please look over the PD page, next link below, and send me a list of file names. I will then upload to a page you can order prints from or digital files.

You can check out all the pics HERE

Check out the Video Blogs

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3 the final post

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

Get this, I just took over the TIKI BAR at Skydive Sebastian. It took me over a week to get up to speed and then it was New Years during the "Invasion" at Skydive Sebastian. I don't have any pics of the place as I am always working hard during the events. But they will come soon.
Here are some pics of Skydive New Englands 16-way. Away from the cold of the North, SNE knows how to party and get the most fun out of a skydive!