Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pat Dodgin Slide Show

Below is a slide show with many of the pictures in time line to music. Do hope you enjoy it. Like what you see here, please leave a comment. Would love to hear some feedback from you all. The video and book will take a little longer to deliver so this is it for a bit.
I am really enjoying working on all this, playing with the photos, going over and over such an awesome day of skydiving and celebrating such awesome relationships in the name and honor of a friend. How lucky we are to have a community such as ours. A life such as ours.

This is my second memorial and again this time it's as if I had a partner while editing, picking music, etc. A really fulfilling feeling.

Jeannie "Bee's" love, dedication, and commitment to this process just keeps getting bigger, deeper and more powerful. I feel very lucky to have friends like you all in my life.

Thanks for taking the time to check this slide show out. You can also find it on Facebook as well.

If you haven't seen all the pics yet, they are in a Gallery web site.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Celebration of Life - Patrick Dodgin 2.4.1949 - 12.26.09

As skydivers, learning to say goodbye starts with simply celebrating life as only skydivers can.

This past weekend, Queen "Bee" Productions, Jeannie Bankston, organized an incredible memorial tribute to one of our own Patrick Dodgin and hosted by his beloved wife Amy Smith Dodgin.

It was a full day. Four jumps blew the rust off a few with the last two jumps being ash dives with one on the beach. A tribute by Ruben Garcia was simply inspiring, started the ceramony. The VFW showed up in full force with over 25 participants, a military gun salute and a flag presentation to his wife, Amy Smith Dodgin.
Lyle Presse organized the troops with a foolproof plan that worked for all jumps, giving everyone a chance to get in on the formation. On the beach jump Marty Jones Flew the American Flag during a final sunset farewell jump while friends and family gathered below.
Once beach side, Pat's son, Scott Dodgin, lifted his glass to a final "Captain Morgan" toast to his beloved father as Balloons of Red, white and blue flew into the sky with the sunset.
Amy hosted everyone to an open bar and food while Pam Geoffrey's slide show video played capturing the attention of all and educating more then a few of the life, smiles and times of Patrick Dogdgin.
Many people gave their time and attention to helping setting up, breaking down, moving and transportation. A big thanks to Keith Larrett for coming out for some high sky flying picture taking and helping me to round out the event. Keith is a well known and long time skydiver who is renown for his amazing art and craft of skydiving photography. It was an honor to have him on board.
The collage below is suitable for printing, just click and then download.
To see pictures of the day check out both Myself and Keith's pictures at my Gallery Web Site.
A slide show is on the way, an actual BOOK and a video, so come back for updates and more STUFF from an awesome celebration of life.
If you would like to tag yourself on facebook, just go to the picture album and have at it.
Thanks to all for the tears, smiles and passion of a real celebration.