Friday, April 30, 2010

Pat Dodgin 1949-2009 BOOK and DVD

This is a peek at the final product for this project. A book and DVD commissioned by Pat's wife Amy and the organizer, Jeannie Banksten.
I've truly enjoyed working on this project. The camaraderie of the skydiving community really shines at these times and the success of the day and tribute to Pat was a combined effort of many.
One of the impacts memorials and funerals have on me is the reflection of the community that come out to honor those who have passed. It's easy to see what the world around us truly values in a person and that reflection is evidently authentic at these times.
It is these times a clarity in life seems to emerge where we can take stock in our own lives, who we are, who we are being as an impact to the world and those around us.
Which brings me to the "DASH" between the date of birth and date of death. How are WE spending our DASH? Something to think about, not just during a time of loss but perhaps when we get comfortable again.
If you knew Pat and would like to remember the day you said farewell in this true celebration of life as only skydivers can do, check out the book.
Below are some pics of the book and DVD set. If you would like a copy of the book you can go to my book store for the Patrick Dodgin Book. Check out the slide show of the book below and follow the links on the bottom of the show as well.
Get your copy of the day's DVD!
Just send me an email letting me know you want one. DVD's are approximately 30 minutes long, includes dives of the day, interviews, ground footage and beach party and costs only $26.50 including shipping. Payment accepted through PayPal and delivered First Class Mail..
These are a standard DVD copy without the DVD case and DVD printing
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this event and I do hope you enjoy this reflection not only of Pat but also of yourselves, the skydiving community.

As always, comments are greatly appreciated. Comments are one of the life energies of a photography business.
Thank you & God Bless,

Harry Parker Photography Pat Dodgin Memorial Book
Harry Parker Photography Pat Dodgin Memorial Book
Harry Parker Photography Pat Dodgin Memorial Book