Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pat Dodgin Slide Show

Below is a slide show with many of the pictures in time line to music. Do hope you enjoy it. Like what you see here, please leave a comment. Would love to hear some feedback from you all. The video and book will take a little longer to deliver so this is it for a bit.
I am really enjoying working on all this, playing with the photos, going over and over such an awesome day of skydiving and celebrating such awesome relationships in the name and honor of a friend. How lucky we are to have a community such as ours. A life such as ours.

This is my second memorial and again this time it's as if I had a partner while editing, picking music, etc. A really fulfilling feeling.

Jeannie "Bee's" love, dedication, and commitment to this process just keeps getting bigger, deeper and more powerful. I feel very lucky to have friends like you all in my life.

Thanks for taking the time to check this slide show out. You can also find it on Facebook as well.

If you haven't seen all the pics yet, they are in a Gallery web site.



  1. Harry, superbly done. Your photography is always stunning. (And that happens to be one of my favorite songs for so many reasons -someday I'll show you my tattoo ;-)
    Love, Jillie Bean

  2. Amazing! What a beautiful tribute to Pat. You captured the essence of the day!
    Thank you so much. Loved the music as well.
    Lyn Cole (Amy's sister)

  3. Amazing! A beautiful tribute to Pat's life. You captured the essence of the day. Thank you so very much. Loved the music as well.

    Lyn Cole (Amy's sister)