Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cali State Records Day 5

Been a long week watching the clouds ready for the 10 minute call. As skydivers do they keep themselves busy with all kinds of stuff including poker and stupid human tricks. One jumper even broke his ankle on a fun jump.

Still we all kept to the plan and on the last day we made three rides to altitude, 19,000+ MSL. At least the cold front had moved through and it was very cold at atlitude. Two of those rides to altitude ended with all the planes landing due to could cover. On the last attempt we got the blue sky we were looking for and made the jump.

All was well, the base was perfect, on heading and the jump began to build. All it took was someone to go a little low, slide under the base and then it went from a building skydive to tons of humans in the sky.

Everyone was relieved to get a jump in after being grounded all week. The group could have pulled this off if they had the chance. Organizers spent a lot of time designing the dives and on that very first jump video showed the planning paid off and all was set to go well.

Great to ride in the plane with you all. Best wishes for a great year!


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