Monday, February 2, 2009

Santa Barbara, California

Never a dull day. After the State Records were a wash out due to weather, the weather cleared and opened up to beautiful blue skies for all our travels home. I took advantage of the break and made my way up the coast to take advantage of a workshop David Jay was hosting at his house.
Get this, I show up and it is Tom Sanders old place. What a trip.
On the way I got to hang with some old friends, even one from Florida. With a day off we took a drive around Santa Barbra to check out some of the biggest and most desirable homes in the US and of course whatever we happened to come across.
When we saw people flying off the hill the skydiver in us found what we were looking for. We hooked up with couple of cool instructors from Fly Above All and Eagle Paragliding and had a chance to get a closer look at this very cool sport.
Joe Webber is an old BASE jumping friend and a premier dentist in Santa Barbra. I just happen to catch up with him while he was about to do a lobotomy on another friend David Major.
I love California and all the friends I have there. Good time, and as usual, too short.

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