Thursday, February 26, 2009

Harry Sighting Working

Yes, it's true. A co-worker, Mikey, took this snapshot of me actually working on a very big job site. Another coworker fell ill so I was called out from behind the computer to help pull a few 1000 feet of fiber and set up installation for security and surveillance on a nearby city infrastructure project.
Digging ditches was fun. The weather was excellent and I even managed to get some sun.
Next week I will begin the fiber connection process hooking up over 20 cameras and perimeter beams that will virtually lock down this installation against unwanted threats.
It's all high tech and the new fiber that is being installed and used everywhere can handle TONS of data leaving the actual network the weakest link in relation to speed. The system can be monitored from anywhere using a computer hooked to the Internet. Some cool James Bond Stuff.
To check out some of the stuff we utilize at my Unkle Jon's, world famous canopy relative worker, go to Diamond Quest and look over the videos.
Hope you are enjoying the weather!

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