Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jackson Hole 2009

Wow. The mountain is BIG. And STEEP.
Just getting back from a trip to Jackson Hole with the Philly Crew. They've been doing a yearly ski trip for over 20 years now and this is my second trip with them. Great bunch of people and a challenge to keep up with on the mountain. They've been all over and are in the process of checking off a list of resorts they all want to ski over the years.
We stayed in a sweet condo that was for sale for 1.8 million dollars. Fire place, big kitchen, big rooms, the works, three stories.
This year didn't see the BIG POW everyone was looking for, but we did get some nice blue bird days and even close to six inches in the middle of the trip to soften things up.
The mountain is HUGE and the new tram holds a 100 people and gains 4,000 ft+ of altitude in just a few minutes.
We got the chance to cover most of the mountain except for the incredibly steep and notorious lines Jackson Hole is known for and saved those for the Mangy Moose video Screen Apr├Ęs-ski.
Four full days of skiing with one of those a full day of X-Country Skiing. Can I tell you how much I am from Florida now? I love the cold and snow, don't get me wrong, but my legs have since divorced and left me in the cold. OW.
Hot tip, don't ever follow the skiers no matter how "good" they tell you the snow is. Bumpity Bumpity bump ruined me the very first day. But the groomers and some of the trees were heavenly. Nothing the community condo hot tub and a micro brew couldn't take care of though.
Thanks guys, looking forward to next year!

Full Gallery, check it out HERE.
Slide show HERE.
The show can also be found on facebook HERE.

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