Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perris Valley 100 Way Camp Blasts off

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This Thursday afternoon the P3 group from Perris Valley Skydiving brings together all the instruction from last weekends big ways to this weekends 100-way camp.

The P3 organizing team consists of Dan BC, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Tony Domenico and Larry Henderson. The Participants consist of new up-and-coming big way enthusiasts, as well as many veteran large formation skydivers.

Today we made four loads for two groups of 110 people. That's five planes back to back alllllllll day long. The first two loads went to 13,500 for basic base building and whacker site orientation. The last two loads went to full camp altitude of 16,500 ft requiring O2. Both loads got closer and closer to completion as organizers cleaned up slots and traffic.

Overall a great day of jumping. We have a nine person camera team, four on each load and one on the ground downloading. The plan is to keep our group and switch planes so even we as the camera crew get to hone our skills on every jump. And let me tell you, this is way fun. Floating on big formations is a wild ride and using O2 requires ones attention. Once all the floaters are outside the airplane the pilots must keep their positions relative to the lead plane and that can be a bumpy fun ride. Time is crucial to position oneself perfectly with the base making sure for excellent and professional debrief video. The pressure is nothing but pure overdoses of satisfaction.

The organizers definitely have their hands full and at the same time progress is the proof after every jump.

Overall a very successful day of jumping for all involved here at Perris Valley. Enjoy the pics and please leave a comment if you like what you see.

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