Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday at Perris Valley Big Way Camps by P3

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The Shark is back up and running with a brand new paint job. Yaowza. Does it shine! Even got a pic of me under canopy. Great day.

Today concludes four full days of skydiving hard here in Perris Valley. Participants put all they learned to the test doing 55 ways from three planes at 18000 msl. Three planes taking off at once back to back all day. Even at that altitude the day couldn't have been more comfortable.

As you reach 20,000 feet the color changes, swear! It gets so clear and crisp. Just wonderful.

A total of 168 jumpers from 26 countries, with USA being the minority, made over 3100 jumps on 160 loads during the four day camp.

The bigger it gets the funner it gets. I love working as part of a team. Many loads had up to three cameramen and there is a plan to follow with each responsible for a certain shot the organizers are looking for. We all took the opportunity to trade plane slots from lead and both trail each providing a different challenge.

As the weekend ends it's obvious the P3 organizers have taken big way formation RW skydiving to the next level . If you are an RW jumper or just want the opportunity to do more, then I highly recommend you check out their events page and get yourself out here.

Thanks to all for the smiles, high fives and great skydives. See you next week for 100-ways.

From what I hear they have two 110 ways for the four day camp. That's 5 planes at once running back to back loads for the entire time. Yahoo! Check back for more posts and pics.

Off to the Bombshelter for a cold one Enjoy.

Harry Parker

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