Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday 100-Way Camp

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Made five loads today. Didn't get a completion but everyone had a lot of fun. There are a lot of new people here really pushing their comfort zones and limits. I don't think I have ever seen an event where you really get the chance to learn. Everyone did the same dive all day and for some of the dives it really paid off and a completion here or there was missed only by a few.

And, no one gets upset. Learning is a process. Tomorrow I am sure the group will be mixed up and even more progress will be made.

Today, we all stayed with the same group and the same airplane. I was blessed with the right trail trail, the newly painted Shark, out of five airplanes I am in the last one on the right. And, I was with the funnest airplane for sure. Many of the jumpers were members of TEAM Awesome! and they don't get that name as a group for nothing. Smiles on every load, chants and good vibes.

From our airplane we could see the entire plane formation all the way to altitude. Just a blast. Our communication with each other made for some smooth climb outs and exits.

Our camera team even grouped up after opening for some formation flying and landings on every load. Challenging all the way till our feet hit the ground.

Tomorrow is going to go big. The organizers have something up their sleeves and the girls are throwing down BIG for a fund raising party for Jump For the Cause, breast cancer.

The "Aerial Pink Playhouse" will boast a boxing ring, sumo wrestling, a bouncy house as well as a climbing wall and carnival games! There will also be a DJ, magician, face painting and belly dancing, I an told. Supposedly the boxing ring will feature boxing rounds with the organizers - Dan BC, BJ Worth, Larry Henderson, Doug Forth..........

A "Pleasure Station" will feature "MonaTinis" a martini made with Mona Vie, jello shots and free beer. They even plan to hold a "boobalicious" bake sale.

So stay tuned for more action from the P3 100 Camps here at Perris Valley Skydiving.

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