Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Madness Casino Night

Another great party at Skydive Sebastian, Florida.
Weather kept most out of the skies for the better part of the weekend, but everyone stayed for this yearly Casino themed event.
Lyle Presse from hosted an organized RW weekend with Carolina Flock jumpers. Many only jumped Friday during the event and wisdom and experience kept them on the ground Saturday as winds gusted over 30MPH.
Some pics are below.
Still, Lyle kept the group busy with trips to the local watering holes and boat rides to the islands.
The prizes during the party were top notch totaling over $5000! Including a FREE Javelin Rig and blocks of tickets.
Great to see old friends and meet some new ones.
Our last big boogie for the season. Looking forward to a Rockn' summer.
Check out the slide show below.
If you wanna nab yourself a pic, check out Harry's Gallery for all the pics during the party.
If you are looking for Skydiving Pics, visit my Facebook Pic Album.


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  1. Harry- Our friend Steve K. said check out Harry's crazy ass life...Shame Shame that a Canon in your hand! Come to the dark side (Nikon) and put those toys away. Love your photogs, great work. We shared a little black and white fun at Steve's wedding (Sept 98) you always have had that eye for the light. Take care.
    David G. (Mississippi)