Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yes, I am still alive

Where do I begin. Many of you have written wondering why I haven't made any posts.
It's been well over a month, I know.

I made a last minute, risk it all adventure. An old friend and jumping partner offered the opportunity I have been attempting to create for several years now.
The opportunity to help bring his team, Team ILL VISION, to the next step. Now none of us know what that is, but he knew that it was time to push it to the next level. So, I signed on as Team Development, documentation and marketing.
I had three weeks to move years of baggage and stuff, pack my car and shut the house down ready for a Hurricane. Took a week to drive out West stopping at several friends places along the way. I finally made it to Perris Valley, CA for some work with world renown aerial cinematographer, Craig O'Brien. Those event posts are below.

My girl, Shireen, flew into Huntington and we took a week driving up the coast, which was awesome. The highlight being the Hearst Castle and two nights and threes day in Big Sur. We hiked, walked and took in the sights. I will post those shortly. The coast is amazing.

I eventually reached my destination of Northern California on May 16th. Shireen helped me settle in to my new place and then it was straight to work. And let me tell you, it's been busy. The calender is booked solid with travel and events.
I plan on posting pictures here as I move through them. Really just wanted to give you a quick update and start posting.

Current Project, Team ILL VISION
Enjoy the pics below from our recent trip to Twin Falls, ID and the Perrine Bridge where the team jumped with others four days in a row during great weather.
That makes two blogs I am running and of course my Facebook page. If you are interested and want to keep up on the latest. Those three outlets are where to look and all three will have slightly different postings and pictures depending on the audience.
My life has taken an incredible and exciting turn. One thing I really notice is the view. Completely different, as you will see.
Thanks for all the support. Look forward to seeing many in Sebastian coming this winter.

The ride out to Idaho was amazing. As soon as we made it through Reno the desert opened up, the cell phone slowly died and for the first time, in a long time, I let myself disconnect from the matrix. It was wonderful. Ten hours of just open country and the elusive "No Service" Sings, on my phone, on the road. Perfect. I could feel my breathing change, my mood elevate and the conversation took a different tone. It was by far one of the best mobile offices I've ever had.

All these were taken from the truck. Sometimes and open window, sometimes closed and then sometimes through the front window filtered with bugs and road stuff. To see some BASE jumping Pics go to Team ILL VISION.

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