Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Boogie SNE

July 4th boogie here at SNE was a BLAST. Beautiful weather gave way to solid back to back loads all the way through the weekend. From tandems to Fun jumpers to AFF everyone was jumping, all day long.

We had two people get their "A" licenses this weekend, Kevin and Jamie. We've got a lot of people coming off AFF and moving into the coaching realm and more "A" licenses are on the way. Definitely a fine summers crop of skydivers ready to ripen and blossom. On Friday Dale made his 100th jump with great video and as standard, ceremoniously pied and tossed into the swoop pond when we all finally caught up to him.

Saturday saw a full day of over 90 tandems and fun jumper loads with Dr. Pete and Lyle presse each group jumping throughout the day. Lyle brought hybrid sequential to the picture with team T-Minus:01 and Aeris working together for some cool 8-way sequential hybrid action. The inside video by Brian was awesome.

Saturday night went off at the Rip Cord. Local musician and marketing extraordinaire Foggy and Tony Tommachine ripped it up with his band to the serious explosions of a first class fireworks show by the legendary Carpenator. All to the light of one seriously big bonfire. Again, sorry for no pics, I was totally caught off guard. But simply enjoying it for a change was just fine by me.

On Sunday, Jeff Nebelkopf and Taya Weiss organized a Maine State Wingsuit record of five that built after a full day of currency jumps for the flock on Saturday. And Lyle and Dr Pete kept organizing load after load.

World famous swoopers Pia Mcfarland, Mike Shatlov and Tim Bernard showed up for hop n swoops that made for some great sunset pond action during the weekend. And Trunk from Hypoxic was on hand all weekend long with his round the country RV with Erin in tow showing off all of his wares and beatn' up his jumpsuit swooping the pond. Hypoxic sponsored a Video Fest on Sunday night showing off some of the weekends videos and set the stage for Jim's 100th pie ceremony where more then one person was covered before it was all said and done. On Monday night Trunk sponsored a lobster and clam feast giving an incredible end to a great boogie for those in attendance.

Monday is still going strong. Brian from Team T-Minus:01 is organizing a 10 way right now making the youngn's jump through hoops and pushing everyone's skill level all under the Club Jump IN! banner. Club Jump IN! Is getting stronger. We have almost 50 local jumpers on the list and its still growing.

Check out pictures that are posting regularly at the Skydive New England Fan Page!

Thanks for checking this out. A LOT more to come so stay tuned from the North East's funnest DZ!

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