Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Working at SNE

The Skydive New England website has been revamped and now boast many of my photos. I believe the entire front page slide show is all my work. If you've got a minute, check it out. I haven't shot like this in years and I can feel the photographer truly developing through me. Would love to hear some feedback.
Time is moving so fast here. There is so much to write about and never the chance to share. This is my best attempt to keep you all up to date.
Below is a scan of a card recently sent to SNE from a group of 30 that came out last year, spent two days in the rain and loved it. This year they came back and all jumped and camped over two days. This keeps happening over and over again. And this time I just had to share it.
We are in the middle and height of the season. Full swing. A tandem, student and fun jump machine. Using one otter our manifest girlz will pump out over 50 tandems on a weekday and over 100 any given Saturday or Sunday with a confident and loving smile on their faces. Along with that AFF and fun jumpers share and call the sky their own.
On any of these days you might not even know it is busy. The staff is happy, the machine runs smooth and everyone here is dedicated to sharing the passion of their lives, skydiving. Working here the biggest thrill is the thrill of our customers, the dazed, crazed and goggle lined faces filled with joy and exuberance.
I have not experienced this much fun in skydiving in many years. I am so stoked to be working and jumping here. For the first time in many years I am actually really enjoying and rediscovering this sport and my place in it.
Last weekend we honored and celebrated the life of Dave Hersey with a memorial Ash Dive. Pics attached. A full otter load took to the skies giving one of the prettiest and biggest ash releases I have seen in a very long time. Pics attached.
Last weekend our ALL star SNE jug band played for a packed house by the bonfire. All our musicians work here or are local jumpers. The vibe was great. It was the first time I used two off camera transmitter controlled flashes. A few sample pics attached.
The bands leader, Rock Star, Sean P Rogan, writes many of the skydiving based songs, which we all use on our tandem videos. After I was done shooting I sat and watched in awe how our people, the locals and the staff kept the house, tandem crowd and all who attended in full amazement. Even some of our manifest girlz took a turn at singing to the surprise of all blowing away the crowd with new found talent.
Last night we had a full community town hall meeting and I witnessed everyone come together to air out grievances, concerns and ideas in a way that just made us all stronger, happier and more effective. A community that is SNE, a culture that is true skydiving. Many in my recent past have told me this was impossible and to this day still live in that impossibility they have created. I was almost convinced.
This place, in short, never ceases to amaze me.
Is there another skydiving operation like this?? If so, I would truly be interested in finding it.
The attached scan and pictures are a reflection of SNE. This is who we are.
If you have not come to this DZ, I highly encourage you to check it out. Tiki Bar is fast approaching and is sure to be a sell out again this year.
This DZ is a 200 acre private air strip adult toy wonderland. The way skydiving used to be and the best kept secret in skydiving hands down.
Thanks for reading. I do hope you are enjoying your day as much as I am enjoying mine! Enjoy the pics, more to come.
Skydive New England

Skydive New England, Harry Parker Photography
Skydive New England, Harry Parker Photography
Skydive New England, Harry Parker Photography
Skydive New England, Harry Parker Photography
Skydive New England, Harry Parker Photography
Skydive New England, Harry Parker Photography
Skydive New England, Harry Parker Photography

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